... and that’s what I want for my couples; a picture that not only tells a memory, but a story.
— Cynthia

Hi!! I'm Cynthia!

I am a wife to Christopher and a mother to Tatum and Easton, (my human children), and Hope and Chance, (my fur children -- who are mom and son). I was born in a little town called Urbana, right outside of Chicago, but I am so grateful to be raised and still living in Virginia Beach. My family is my everything! My husband is my BEST FRIEND and my children are my heart! I would do anything for my family! Even though I am the only child, I grew up with a ton of cousins and I know the meaning, ‘Family is everything'. I think it is so important to know where your family comes from and I will always have a little southern draw in me.

Growing up, it was just my Mom and me. She did everything in her power to make sure every memory was captured; you know, those good ole disposable wind ups? Yep, we had them everywhere! Drawers overflowed with albums. No other way to have it! My Dad also was a photographer in the Air Force and has so many pictures to show for it. He could sit down and tell you a whole story just from one picture, and that’s what I want for my couples. A picture that not only tells a memory, but a STORY! The love for photography started with my parents, then began all over again and when I walked my Mom back down the aisle to my Dad, after being divorced from one another for 22 years. I knew from then on out, I had to capture that sweet, unforgettable love for others.

I can't wait to start that memory, turned into a story, for YOU!