Chipman Family ~ Gender Reveal

I have had the pleasure of knowing this sweet adorable family right here for a little over a year now!! Tatum goes to the same sitter (Their Mimi) as Cash does!! Cash who is Tatum's perfect play partner at school, is now going to be a big brother!!

The Chipman's are adding another "little Chip" to their pumpkin patch!! I thought this was the cutest way to announce!! Katie just kids Evan because he carved the "Belly" for the pumpkin so the little pumpkin could fit inside, you know - Momma and Baby. Well she kids him saying "that's a big ass stomach Evan!" hahahaha poor guy can't win for loosing and we all know us women in general are already hard on ourselves, just add some extra hormones and that's all she wrote. Ha! God Love her! :)

I dragged this cutsie little family on a little photog adventure. From standing on the side of the main road in a random field, to weaseling our way through a twiggy path just to get to another beautiful field, they stuck it out for me!! When I have ideas y'all and you say you'll do them, oh we are doing them! But they got through it like champs. Even Evan who is just like your typical hubby (aiming to please), but still not fond of photos, did such an awesome job!!

Can we take a moment to check out Katie?!! I mean good gosh, she wears pregnancy well!! She not only has the sweetest heart, but is so stunning it's unreal! Those piercing, gorgeous, blue eyes; we know where Cash got them from!!

I am so excited for you Katie and Evan!! You two are amazing; and adding another boy to family is going to be just oh so awesome!!