Tenney ~ Fall Pumpkin Patchin'

I was so excited this year that I could take our Tot to actually explore the pumpkin patch! Last year she was too tiny and had no idea what was going on! Sike, who am I kidding, she still has NO idea what is going on other than the fact she knows her Mom is crazy trying to get her to look at the camera for every single picture, but it's so darn cute watching her try to understand the concept!

Chris and I took her to a patch as a little family of 3, then decided to go back at the end of the week and bring our Moms (Nana & GiGi) this time for a little fun!! My friend Heather decided to meet and hang too; it had been too long since I had seen her and her kids had grown so much!! God Miss them :)

It was absolutely precious to watch Tatum try and feed the goats and to scope them out to see what they were all about. She even had one on one time with the pigs and the cows in the back of Bergy's Breadbasket - Farm!! We love it there!! If I could have ice cream, you know I would have indulged, chilly day or not!! hahaha Hands down, BEST ice cream!!

So this is just a little tid bit of what the holiday seasons are going to look like in the Tenney Household! Poor Chris, the hubs is always going on some kind of adventure!! hahaha

Happy October everyone!! We can't wait for Halloween!

<3 The Tenney's