Courtney & Anthony ~ Married

What started out to be a chilly day, turned into a day filled with warmth and love from these two and their amazing family!!

Chris and I knew we were both in for a treat when we arrived; well we knew when they booked us actually! :) This group knows how to party (please scroll through :)) and we love a group who knows how to party!! It not only makes the wedding 10 times more fun when people are on the dance floor all night, but it also makes for awesome images!

Courtney and Anthony are so sweet to one another! I remember from their engagement session this past summer, right when I was gearing Anthony up for all the pictures he was about to partake in come their wedding day; he loved being in front of the camera by the end of their session! So by the time their wedding came he was ready!! Never complained, always was down for a pose, a kiss, a nuzzle, whatever I asked of him; in the brisk air and all!! Now Courtney on the other hand, she was made for this!! Being a photog herself, she knew what it took to have those wedding images and she was ready to have them for herself this time!! Both stunning as can be, you couldn't have asked for a better day on the beach to say those "I Dos." Courtney did a special First Look with not only the man that raised her, but Anthony as well! They have such a fabulous support system as well and it made the day that more special!!

Congratulations you two!! I am so happy for you both!!