Liz & Chris ~ Maternity

Liz first contacted me right at the beginning of her pregnancy; her and Chris don't get pictures taken often so she wanted to make sure that they document this milestone on their love journey as husband and wife and soon-to-be parents. I was so eager to meet the both of them!! I felt I had already knew her just by emails and the weeks creeped upon us quickly. So a few short months later, we have us a baby bump and the most adorable duo on earth!! And not to mention their precious fur babies, that are just so eager for baby to arrive!! 

These two are way better than I could ever be, because they have chosen to wait and to be surprised when baby Tabing decides to enter the world. There were moments where they were like "okay, let's just find out; we need to plan, we need a name", but the weeks came and gone and before they knew it they were on those final last weeks and figured "hey, we have come this far, lets finish it out the way we wanted it to be; surprised." I think that is so amazing and I am so excited to meet him or her!! I just know the two of them are going to be so wonderful as parents!! 

Liz is already super sweet and drop dead gorgeous, so no wonder why Chris opened up his affectionate side once we got started because he couldn't stop staring at her!! It is something about the mother of your child that just changes them in some way; it's so precious!! I am so happy for you two and can't wait to see Baby T grow and watch you grow with him or her as well!! Congratulations Liz and Chris. May this final home stretch be relaxing, yet full of excitement.