Danielle & Mike ~ Holiday Session

ohhhh you know just over here photographing my favorite twin fashionistas and their adorably cute Mom and Dad!! I just love this family!! I hold all four of them so close and dear to my heart! I have known Danielle & Mike (Cote) for so many years now, they are just like family. I captured their maternity photos, a little lifestyle session once Harper and Ella were here and now a Holiday session!! Poor Cote having to suck it up and deal with Danielle and Me and our crazy props and crazy cooing noises we do to make those precious babies smile, all while he just laughs at us!! I haven't quite figured out if he is just down right embarrassed or just thinks we are crazy!! It's safe to say it's both scenarios, but either way this dude is in it for the long haul!! It's crazy decorative sessions from here on out my sweets! Get used to it! And being that you are extremely outnumbered in your household, it's a safe bet just to nod your head and keep it moving!! hahaha JK he wasn't bad at all. Frankly he should be used to it by now, even before him and D had those precious babes!!

Check out all this cuteness below and look how stunning Danielle always freaking looks, I can't take it!! She literally just took her hair out of a bun people!! A LOW MESSY BUN!! How in the world?!! My crazy lion mane would be everywhere!! Anyway, check them out and all their glory and just look at those two precious angel babes, I can't wait to until all of our little ladies are shopping together!! gahhhh xoxo