Michelle & Eli ~ Maternity

This adorable duo will be welcoming their sweet baby girl in just a few short weeks. I have known Michelle since high school. We had the pleasure of working our very first job together. Zutopia was it? Hahaha cracks me up because NO ONE has any idea what that is or was. Well I am here to fill you in; it was the best children's clothing store out, until their sister company didn't want them anymore and there you have it. :( Saddens me, but if I would have never gotten the opportunity to work there, I would have never had some of the best times with this sweet girl!!

When I met them both for coffee to talk about their sweet soon-to-be bundle, we talked about old times forever and poor Eli had to hear us cackle for an hour and half! Poor guy didn't stand a chance in girl talk and he's still going to be out numbered once that sweet girl arrives. But you know what they say about those daddy's and their girls? You can't keep them apart. Trust me I know, I deal with a daddy's girl on a daily basis. Can I be the favorite for one day? Geeze. Totally kidding. :)

To say I am ecstatic for these two would be an understatement. I can't wait to witness this beautiful family become a family of three. And if I am lucky enough I will get to capture her coming into this world! Fingers crossed :) I love you two! I am so happy for the both of you and I can't wait to meet baby girl!! 

P.S. they have names picked out, but just want to see her sweet little face before they match that perfect name. :)

They are the best. I love a couple who knows how to have fun.