Tatum ~ Easter

This post is pretty amusing actually. We literally could not decide what outfit to place our sweetest girl in so we did it three separate times. Can we say crazy? hmmmmm Who am I kidding, Chris and I were actually just fighting as to who took the better pictures; and when I went away for a session that evening he took her back outside in a  little jumper; as I pulled into our driveway I see him across the street crouched way low to the ground trying for the third attempt! I have to admit I was a little pissed; are you serious? COME ON DUDE!! Then he couldn't stop sneezing because of his allergies and I was thinking to myself "that's what you get, fool!" hahaha.

So with that being said; here are just a few little piccys of our Tater bug. It is just so crazy that last Easter, we were waiting so anxiously to find out what we were having and here we are a year later celebrating every holiday as if it were our last, and frankly that is how it should be in my eyes! Never miss a moment or life will pass you right on by. I can't believe she is 7 months already. Every day is a new adventure and we can't wait for the next silly little holiday just to compare pictures from the last just see how much she has changed since then.

gahhhhhh <3

I love you Tatum EverLee