Lauren & Mark ~ Maternity

I am just gushing over here with all these baby bumps lately. This session was yet another stunning maternity session in the books!! Perfect light and a perfect couple!! :)

Lauren and Mark are High School sweethearts and they are not afraid to show it! I loved both of their goofy sides. As usual, it takes the fellas a little more time than the ladies to warm up to the idea of being in front of a camera, but they get used to the idea; and in about 5 minutes their characters really start to show when I tell them to act themselves as if they were at home being silly with that lady of theirs! Mark was no different! He was so funny and goofy, he kept Lauren and I laughing all night! He said he likes his serious faces better, but I don't know I think that charmer smile of his is what won Lauren over!! :)

These two are about to welcome their little man Landon into the world come August! AND I can't wait to meet him! I know when he grows up he is going to be just as silly and sweet as that daddy of his!!

Can we please take a moment to check out how much of a knockout Lauren is?!! She was already stunning to begin with, but add that bump and that glow and you have a beauty queen right here!! Lauren I am so excited for this next journey you and Mark are about to partake on and I can't wait to witness it; you both are going to be amazing parents!! 5 more weeks my love!! xoxo