Williams Family

This family has such a heart of gold! I have known Nicole for quite some time now; I grew up with her sweet sister Heather. And Nicole is another rock star mom in charge of a rowdy bunch. :)

Her and Sean are so adorable and I was so happy when Sean finally caved in and let me do a family session with them! We all know pictures are not a man's favorite thing to do, but he stuck through it like a trooper and had himself even a little fun. :)

Sean and Nicole have the two most ambitious children I have ever seen!! Jaden and Rhiley are so sweet and fun loving, they were a blast to capture. Jaden is more reserved versus Rhiley who is able tell anyone how it is; that baby girl is a fire cracker!! We all think she will be the one defending her older brother in the future. All that toughness is locked inside a sweet, innocent looking girl with a charming heart! That big brother of hers sure does have a lot to TRY to protect!!

By the looks of all this fun they are having, don't you just want to squeeze them all??