Christina & Roma ~ Holiday Session

There is nothing I love more than when a Mom, whom is also a dear friend of mine wants pictures of her and her little one. It melts my heart to see the interaction between the two!! I don't know if you remember but Roma and Tatum are not only 4 days apart, but they were born on each others due dates!! It has been so precious to watch them both grow up together. And although I know they don't get together often enough to play, they always pick back up with the same smiles and giggles from the time before!! And Christina is such a good friend to me and her Carmine to Chris!! We love them!!

Even though Carmine, who was such a sweet, kindest of souls is not here to watch his little girl grow and play and also see how beautiful Christina has done, he is here in spirit and there is not a day that doesn't go by that he does not shed light on his family and his friends. He was such an awesome Father, friend, Husband, ball player and he will be truly missed!! I just know he was here this day!! Not only could we all feel it, but it was gloomy and yucky all day before their session and literally moments before, the sun peaked through and rays of sunshine came through those trees on the farm that day and he was able to warm all of our hearts!!

But seriously though, look how stunning Christina is!! She is a super mom I tell ya!! Carmine would be so blown away at the amazing Mother she is to their Roma!! :) I love you Vozza's!! Miss you every day Carmine!!