Berkley ~ 1st Cake Smash

There are ton of little babes turning ONE this year and with that comes a ton of joyful tears from their Mommas' and I just love to be there to witness it all! I was once there and I remember the day to the T when our little tot turned ONE and we celebrated with family and friends and I just cried!! hahaha but Jane did better than me!!

It was right in the middle of the day and it was so bright, but nothing stopped the laughs, giggles and smiles from these two!! Berkley was such a ham! Jane even brought a family tradition along. All the kids in the family have used this beautiful rocking Swan and taken a picture with it. This time is was Berkley girls turn!! She was so cute in it!! She even was holding up her one finger, broadcasting her 1st birthday; she is so sweet!! Just look at her and her adorable Momma!! Daddy couldn't be present for these, but we'll get him next time!! :)