Hillary & Jason ~ Engaged

These two cuties right here are some kind of special!! I have known Hillary for quite some time now and she has always been sweet as pie, with those dimples of hers!! We used to party together all throughout college and there were probably times when we weren't suppose to raise ruckus on the town and did... OOPS haha. But just look at how beautiful she is, I can't wait to watch Jason's jaw drop this October when he watches her walk down that aisle! I mean he was already in awe of her throughout their whole session and I just know he is going to be so tickled to see his bride!

We were prepared for what we thought would be a sunny Spring day this day, but this good ole Virginia Beach weather just had other plans. We felt like it was Fall and God had other plans, but they stuck it out and it turned out amazing! Look at how stunning Hillary is!! I love when you can witness a couple in love and they aren't afraid to show it. 

Take a look at that amazing ring box Jason made to propose to Hillary with; it will continue to always be so special to her and I love that he made it himself. 

Also, be sure to check out the Nicholas Carinci with Major Tease Designs!! He did such a flawless look for Hillary's make up! I can't wait to work with him come October. :)