Tabing Family

I am so honored to have been able to capture this sweet family twice now!! I met Chris and Liz while they were awaiting the arrival of their sweet son Noah, whom they had yet to still know what the sex of their baby was...

Well it was a boy and he is so darn precious!! I captured mom and dad alone already so when I got the chance to meet him, it was everything!! He is a HAM!! A chunky, smiley, happy babe; a photog's dream!! 

When Liz told me that Chris was about to go on deployment, I said we need this session!! We have to have one; so much can change in 7-9 months! Then when he returns they are moving. :( I hope to get the chance to work with them before they move, but until that time happens, I will take advantage of their sweet love here and now! 

Thank you Chris for all you do for this country!! Thank you for fighting for us every day!! GOD BLESS!!