Milk Bath Maternity

The Milk Bath Maternity session was another session that Briana and I decided to do together. Yea, we had seen it be done before, but we thought it would be super hard, so we weren't even sure how it was going to work out. Turns out with just a little bit of research and faith, we had ourselves a milk bath!! They say it's really good for your skin in general, but unless you plan on spending a ton of more money than you already do on milk, I would stick to soap and water. :)

Honestly, you aren't going to believe me when I tell you how easy it was! 

1. Fill up the tub with the desired amount of water. (Make it warmer than usual, since you'll be adding the milk)

2. Add Two gallons of whole white milk

3. Add a desired amount of milk powder (Coffee creamer will work) until you get the color you want. - whisk is around to break up the chunks. :)

4. Get in the tub

5. Have the person taking the pictures strategically place REAL flowers around you, of your choice. Of Course they will move around a bit, but they'll get back where you need them :)

And Viollaaaaa!! There's your Milk Bath. ENJOY :)

Here are just a few of my favorites from both of our sessions. But honestly, How gorgeous is my friend here y'all ? She makes milk look REAAALL good right?!!