Leigh Ann & Chris ~ Couples Portriats

OH BOY, OH BOY!! These two love birds right here are something else I tell ya!!! I have had the pleasure of knowing Leigh Ann for quite some time now. As a matter of fact we have relived those memories and shared them with Chris during their whole session; poor guy!! Let's just say me and her had enough jello shots one night to last a lifetime it seemed. Good ole partying days at JMU definitely made me never want to indulge in another a jello shot again! Woof!!! But we just laughed the whole time at how young and free we used to be and now look at us, old and going to bed by 9!! Oh the joys!!

Well they started off the session by telling me they weren't very cuddly, and that is fine, some people just aren't. Some people are fine and comfortable knowing their significant other loves them dearly and do not need reassurance from a hug or a kiss!! I must say, it is defintely something I couldn't do because I am always a huggie person.  (I actually hug everyone I come in contact with, which is not always a good thing because I never know if the other person wants one, but hey that is me), just like this is them. :) But I loved it, because they have such a goofy yet sweet love about them and to me, it all made sense!! I mean just look at how cute these two are!!

Thank you Chris and Leigh Ann for putting up with my quirkiness. Oh and by the way, check out the sweetest puppy boy, Hoss the Boss!! He is so precious and was such a gem to capture!! I love me some fur babies :)