Walker Family ~ Baby Announcement

This sweet family I hold very close to my heart!! They are not only sweet as pie, but have stuck with me since day one, when I was first starting out. They have supported my love for learning and expanding my horizons when it comes to photography and I could not be more thankful for them letting me capture their precious family over and over again!!

This has got to be our 5 or 6th session together and they have let me capture everything from Christmas, to birthday's and now baby announcements!! I could not be more excited for the three of them as they are about to expand their adorable family!! Austin is not feeling the best this pregnancy, but she damn sure looks good!! Brett has always been such a great support system for her; he is always so genuine with his words and his touches when it comes to the mother of his children, it is really something that has put me in aw every time I witness it!! You can tell he is secretly hoping for a baby girl, but I know he will be ecstatic for either! Speaking about ecstatic; take a look at the big brother in training!! He told me numerous times that he is very excited to be a big brother!! I think Jack is going to be the sweetest to baby W!! HE will be more than happy to show baby the ropes and how to steal mom's heart one kiss at a time.

To say that I am overly excited for this growing family would be an understatement; It is just more memories I hope to be around to capture!! Congratulations Walker family, I can't wait to find out what baby W is :)