Jayme & Tony ~ Engaged

How cute and stylish are these two?!! Jayme & Tony are absolutely adorable and their affection throughout their whole session just shows me how their special day is going to be; and I can't wait for their beautiful September wedding next year!

It was her birthday this day, and Tony takes her to Williamsburg every year for it. They spend the whole weekend enjoying each others company while taking strolls through colonial and sipping wine. Well they still did all of that, but they decided they wanted their engagements up there as well. So we started at the Williamsburg Winery and ended on the streets of colonial with some hidden gem spots that Tony found last year!

These two are truly amazing and compliment each other so well!! Tony even busted out those dance moves to get me prepared for next year at their wedding, where he will be tearing up the dance floor. hahaa Jayme just stands there and shakes her head and smiles. She just knows her life from here on out is going to be filled with not only LOVE, but tons of laughter as well.

Jayme, you are absolutely beautiful and you are going to make a breathtaking bride. I can't wait to capture the moments of your FOREVER to such a humble, happy man!!