Anna & Jason ~ Engaged

I can't wait for these adorable, sweethearts to say "I DO" next May. Their Spring time wedding is going to be filled with family and friends down by the water.

For most sessions, it takes the guys a little bit longer to warm up to the camera, but not Jason. He scooped up his future wife-to-be in those forever arms and wasn't afraid to show it!! I love when a guy expresses his love (take note gentlemen). It gets me so excited for their wedding day and to see the look on his face when he sees Anna come down that aisle! I mean just look at her, she is stunning!! I have never seen someone smile with their eyes the way she does; you're gorgeous girl!

The joy that you can see in their eyes when they look at one another gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!! The constant holding of hands and nuzzling into one another without me having to say to do so, truly gives me such an insight on how their future will be!!

Look at these lovelies!