Justin & Mary ~ Walk Through A Wedding Workshop

This time last week my brain was still mush; who am I kidding, it still is kinda of mush! hahaha But a good mush!! I had signed up for my official first photography workshop and I was ready to take the plunge. I had no idea what I was going to walk away with in my mind nor if I could ever take what was written down on paper and turn it into a realty, but I was ready to try!

When I told Chris last year that I wanted to challenge myself to learning more and really try to expand my business, he was all for it! He gave me the encouragement I needed, along with my dad. I SIGNED UP!! Then I said holy crap, what did I get myself into? Am I even going to be prepared? Who is ever prepared?? Do I have enough experience and work load? Or am I just going to be lost the whole time?? Well either way, there was no turning back now. So a couple months later I was officially ready in my mind! I was ready to rock this!! or to be rocked!! haha

I knew I wanted to know more about lighting, I knew I wanted to better my business, I just didn't know how without all the right necessities. When I walked in and met Justin & Mary for the first time and heard their story about how they started this dream job, I started to get a little less slumpy in my seat. I started just like they did; with a dream and a vision!! 

These two days spent with them were not only filled with knowledge, but joy as well. To see two people go through life of love and business and still so eager to share that happiness with other fellow photographers just struck me as grateful. Grateful to be involved and to listen to their dreams that have now turned into a realty, and to be there with other inspired photographers such as myself. 

Besides all the knowledge, they had set up styled shoots for both of the days with the most beautiful couple and details!! I am sharing a few of my favorite pictures below as well as some behind the scenes!! I can't wait to implement what I have learned and I look forward to keeping on track with staying fresh with learning everything I can. Thank you so much Justin and Mary!! You two are amazing!! 

hugs and kisses

Vendors ::::

Dress: Milk and Honey

Styling: Antonia Christianson Events

Florals: Isha Foss

Calligraphy Chargers: Letterlyn Studio

Cake: My cake Delights