Taylor & Jesse ~ Proposal

If any guy decides to open my blog, I hope they read this one in particular!! Take notes gentlemen!

This day made me so smitten and made me love what I do 10 x more!! 

I get to work with Taylor and her beautiful soul during the week and it was such an honor when she messaged me at work one day to ask me if I could take some Fall photos for her and her boyfriend at the time, Jesse. She said she had begged him and finally got him to agree that he would indeed take pictures; we were winning!!

Jesse then took it upon himself, with all his excited nerves to message me and arrange the proposal he had been waiting to for!! She was never going to guess, because remember - she had to practically pull teeth to get this session - so she was never going to find out!! Look who's winning now!! hahaha After several weeks of how we were going to plan this out, the day finally came and I think I might have been just as damn nervous as he was and I wasn't the one proposing. #hotmess 

They both wanted their session to be someplace different, which I of course loved from the jump. They picked this old bridge in Chesapeake that rarely had anyone go across it. His plan was to propose on the bridge, right in the middle. Well of course the day we went there, everyone and their mom wanted to drive over it that day. SO I couldn't have him propose there and then have the moment get ruined because they would have to rush off the bridge before they became road kill. yikes! So after several eye contacts Jesse and I had we decided it was best to do the proposal under/beside the bridge. It was beautiful down there by the water... everything was beautiful besides the legit road kill we had to work around!! Yes people, DEAD DEER CARCASSES!! How romantic right?!! Well beside the smell we were doing this!! Jesse got down on one knee and we both lost it!! hahaa Taylor and I both crying while I am clicking away; I was just so happy for them!! I just wanted to jump in and squeeze them both!! eeeeeeeeeee!!!

We then ended their session at a house that was built in World War II that Jesse's Grandfather grew up in!! It was perfect! It was fitting!! Even their adorable pup Gunner was in on the fun!! Ohhh just check out this prettiness already, I can't take it anymore!!

Congratulations Taylor and Jesse!!!