Tatum EverLee Tenney :: 6 months!

I just can't believe it!! Maybe I just don't want to believe it! Our baby girl turned 6 months old today! I keep asking myself, how? when? why did she grow up so fast? Where is my newborn? But then I am reminded that she is always going to be my baby; just a baby that keeps growing into eventually what will be a young woman! whoa whoa I am getting ahead of myself. I am just emotional so excuse me.

But seriously, I have to keep asking myself; did I document enough? Do I have enough pictures and memories for her to look back on and say "wow mom and dad took me here"?

I am so grateful for this little ball of happy energy. She continues to amaze me every single day. With all the new things she has learned and continues to learn; Chris and I are so smitten.


  • I love Mickey Mouse Club House & Doc McStuffins
  • I am almost busting out of size 2 diapers
  • I still like to stay up late and give mom and dad a run for their money
  • I have almost mastered holding my bottle
  • I love my Tot doll - never leave home without her
  • I sit up by myself
  • I say "daddaaahhhh dadddaahhh"
  • I love to look at myself in the mirror
  • I love to eat
  • I have found my belly laugh
  • I love to eat my feet

I love my bear that my Uncle Tookie gave me!

My mommy may be a Florida Gators fan, but my Daddy, Pop and Gamma are South Carolina Gamecocks fans. Mom says that, that is okay for now because my tooshie is so cute in this picture.

Ahhhhhh I just love her!!!

Here is my Tot :)


Thank you Studio of Hampton Roads for letting us use your beautiful new studio!! We loved it!