Snow Day ~ Personal

As many of you know, we were hit pretty good with snow this past week!! We were so excited to have it finally come because we wanted to see Tatum's reaction to her First Snow. The pups love to play it and it is so funny to see them hop around and get crazy.

Little did we know it was going to be straight ice. :( That on the other hand, was not fun! It was hard not to slip and we had to keep the dogs from running like they wanted and that was a bummer. To tell a pup or a kid that they can't run and play in the snow is just crazy!! But, hopefully next time we will just get snow instead of sheets of ice. I was just happy to get pictures out of the deal. I couldn't wait to see Tatum's face when she first touched or tasted the snow. We may have only been able to stay out there for 15 mins, but it was the best 15 mins a mom and dad could ask for. We have dreamt for moments like these where we can share our love of fun with another. It is safe to say Tatum enjoyed it just as much as we did. :)


We had a captured a few pics on our cell phones as well!!! I love that baby girl's smile! xoxo

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