Jen & Juan - Maternity

I don't even know where to begin with this funny family!!! They had me cracking up the whole session!
Those types of sessions not only make my job easy, but absolutely fun. :)

Jen and Juan are expecting their little Prince Myles any day now it seems! And he is already going to be welcomed into a family that is full of love and laughter. The first person that is going to greet him with fun and laughter is going to be his big sister Gianna. Now that girl is funny!!!! That little man won't stand a chance when he gets older and is in the dating world. She will probably be that sis in the back of the movie theaters throwing popcorn at her little brother on his first date. Not just to be funny, but also protective. I CANNOT wait to see her with him. I love watching siblings taking care of their little brothers or sisters. It is truly amazing. You will definitely be able to see her spunky self come about within this post and you'll know what I mean. She made everyone come out of their shells. :)

Can we talk about how stunning Jen is for a second? I mean good gosh; those eyes!!  And not to mention she makes pregnancy look like a breeze. I remember looking and feeling like I was going to explode before Tatum came along. I was counting down the days before she was here, but not Jen. She has a beauty and a grace about her that makes everything calm and collective. She may already be a mom so she knows the ins and outs, but she just seems to have it all together. She is simply breathtaking.

Juan, poor guy couldn't catch a break during this session. Gianna was always getting on him when he was been romantic with her momma, but we all know how I love those wintery, sweet snuggles. And nothing is better than when a daddy to be is absolutely infatuated with the mother of his child. From the tender touches to the sweetness of just holding hands, he is the sweetest. He may be out numbered now, but soon enough he will have some help with the come backs on these two strong independent women. :)

Look at those smiles!!


<3 <3