Colleen & Juan - Maternity - Marcelo turns one

I don't know how this momma does it!! She has a sweet baby boy who just turned one and another little boy who is almost here. How she planned a birthday, got a room ready for a baby brother all while still being a mom is beyond me;  but she has. I have had the pleasure of capturing Colleen when she was pregnant with Marcelo, which seemed like it was just yesterday. I have also done a few family sessions for them as a family of three and I CANNOT wait for them to now become a family of four.

Colleen was so nervous that baby Lorenzo was going to make his debut on his big brother's first birthday, but being almost 38 weeks now he is still staying cozy. Although there is nothing wrong in sharing a birthday, just like any mom she wants her first born to always feel special and have his own birthday with all the celebration that comes along with it. And there is nothing wrong with that.

So what better way to put the two together and celebrate Marcelo's first birthday as well as that sweet bump. You may think momma is going to have her hands full, but so is daddy!! Juan was just gearing up to take Marcelo out to play with the big boys after he had, had his first steps; now he has to get ready for a little tag along. :) He is going to have a blast with those two boys. I can see it now, him and those two boys giving momma a run for her money. They will all play hard during the summer days, but will all wind down for that momma loving on the couch as they watch a movie as a family. It makes my heart skip a beat thinking about having a family like that. I can't wait to witness this sweet family continue to grow. Make sure you stay tuned after baby Lorenzo makes his debut, because I can't wait to capture those sweet baby "coos and ahhhs."

When Lorenzo arrives we had already decided to use The Studio of Hampton Roads for his sweet moments, but the weather was not in our favor for Marcelo's first birthday nor Colleen and her sweet bump. So we combined the two of them and I think we lucked out for an even sweeter moment. I am so grateful for families such as these. As long as they have one another they don't care how their love is captured.

<3 <3