Jace ~ Turns one.

I consider this sweet family here, family of my own. I have known them for ages; Johanna in particular! She is one of my cousin's best friends and has been in my life since the day I entered the world. I grew up calling her a cousin of my own because that's all I knew. My family and extended family are so close that we all just consider one another FAMILY. I love it that way! It makes it more fun  at parties and it makes for getting together a great time. You all know how I am with family; it's what I live for!! Johanna has seen me grow up from my chubby kid days, to high school proms and college fun. Now she has seen me get married and become a mother; I the same to her!! Growth is an amazing thing to witness and I am so honored to not only call her family but her husband and two boys as well!!

Meet her youngest boy, Jace! He just turned ONE last week! What the what?! crazy!!! So I had to snap a few! They wanted the cherry blossom trees and we all know us photographers kill for an amazing back ground, so I was immediately all in. I was a little disappointed though that they weren't as pink as the ones up north, but they were sure a pretty pale pink - almost white! It made it a little hard for us at first to even find a spot, it seemed everyone and their momma was at Red Wing Park that night, but I think we managed! WE even got in an awesome cake smash!! Happy birthday sweet boy! I love you!! <3