Colleen ~ Lifestyle

I know ya'll remember this sweet momma and her boys!! Colleen and Juan were featured on my blog about a month ago before sweet little Lorenzo made his appearance.

Although Juan wasn't able to make this special day, he was there in spirit. He is such a busy daddy with two little boys now he couldn't skip work this day. But just look how glowing Colleen is. You can't even tell she just had another baby!! I remember talking to her and she was  so worried that Lorenzo was going to be born on Marcelo's first birthday and that Marcelo wouldn't be able to have his own day to himself. Almost having what we like to call "Irish Twins", she made it past that; and now look,  she has two perfect boys that just fill her heart with so much joy.

Marcelo is such a great big brother already and doesn't even know it. Colleen I am so happy for you and your sweet growing family. I can't wait to document all of your amazing future adventures.

I love you girl!!!