Lawton Family

These cuties get more amazing and hold more of a special place in my heart every time I get the pleasure of capturing their sweet family. Katie and her sweet hubby Sven have two amazing boys, Colton and Kellan. All four of them kept my camera clicking! With Katie's perfection and glowing smile and Sven's sense of humor and charm, there is no wonder why their boys are just as perfect. Colton is such an awesome big brother to Kellan and he was a ball of emotions that kept us all laughing the whole time.

I am so glad they picked Bergey's Breadbasket to have this session. It couldn't have been more perfect light on this day and the boys had a ball with all the animals. Katie even had her sweet Mom, Dad and brothers come along for the fun. I was so happy that I was able to get these special pictures for mom for Mother's Day this weekend. :)

Now just keep scrolling for all those priceless smiles!!

Yes! that is a Kitty in the background. Him and his little brother decided to hang out with us during the session :)

I love this next picture. (insert ball of emotions) - Colton is happy as a clam then he decides he's done with pictures for now. Kellan is like "what? I thought we were just getting started, come on bro!" hahaa

More Hubbies should be as goofy as Sven! It makes for a fun session! :)