Spring fun with the Tenney's

I am so grateful for many things! I am grateful for an amazing, fun loving husband who continues to love me through all my flaws. I am grateful for the most sweet little girl a heart could ever want. I am grateful to my family who continues to love and support us no matter what dream we have. I am also so incredibly grateful for the amazing friends that we have in our lives! Without any of these, I would never be where I am today.

Throughout this post you will see some of our Family pictures that were taken by my ever so sweet friend Briana, with Macon Photography last month. I just got around to posting these; I know I am horrible, but I am so in love with them!! She always knows how to capture our family at their many stages of emotions! From just regular ole LOVE sessions before kids - to delivering our Tater girl - to the stages of her growing, I am eternally grateful!!

I also have on here some photos that my husband took of Tatum and I before Mother's Day last weekend. He wanted to give me photos of her and I that I would cherish forever. And I do! She did such a good job, especially with all those bugs lingering around after some rain showers we had a few days before!

And last, but not least we have some photos from Tatum's first Swim session on Mother's Day weekend as well! Chris and I swam with her on her first official class, but we decided on Mother's Day we would let our moms (Tater's Nana and Gigi) swim with her! They thought it was the sweetest way to spend Mother's Day. Tatum wasn't a fan of the big giant clear ball they used in the pool, but other than that she loved the singing of songs and splashing around! Her diaper the next day was the most pleasant thing of all ... NOT! hahaha I guess from trying to drink all the pool water that's what happens, but man oh man was it gross!!

Happy Family!! :)