Wozniel Family ~ Lifestyle

I have known Loryana since high school; we played softball together and she has always had such the sweetest heart! Her and her sweet husband Justin just welcomed their precious baby boy Liam a little over a month ago! He is so sweet and you can tell he is going to be tall just like his daddy. When Loryana said she wanted this session at their house in Liam's nursery, I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to get in there and take pictures of it because I know they worked so hard to make it perfect! His room had Elephants everyone (which I love) and little touches of everything Chicago - because those teams are daddy's favorites!

From growing up with someone and just playing sports together, neither one of you ever thinks at the time what the other person will be like or where they will be down the road. So to see Loryana with her own little family and their cutsie house all wrapped up in joy, it was a beautiful thing to witness. You can really see the glow on their faces that they are proud to be parents to a perfect baby boy.

Not to mention, through all the catching up her and I did, it just so happens that Justin knows Chris (my hubby); they played little league together!! It is such a small world! :) I am so happy for the Wozniel family! Congratulations Loryana and Justin on your sweet heart, Liam!! xoxo