Danielle & Mike ~ Maternity

These two right here I hold very close and dear to my heart!! They are such good friends of mine!! I have known Danielle forever it seems; Mike too (well I call him Cote :) ) These have a quite romantic story; they started out as best friends - which is perfect in my eyes!

Some of us girls used to call it; we would say "ya'll are going to date, just be together." But the both of them would just deny deny deny. They would say; "we are too good of friends" and neither of them wanted to ruin a perfect friendship - which I agree those don't come easy! Finally one day it just happened and it was the best news to my ears!

Then they got the surprise of their lifetime; they were having a baby!! In fact, they were having two babies! IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS! That's right, I said IDENTICAL!! I CANNOT wait to meet Harper Grace and Ella Skye! Those girls are going to be so spoiled it's unreal. Watch out Cote; you thought you were just dating a fashionista, you're going to raise 'em!! hahaha I can't wait to witness such a beauty! You are both going to be amazing parents and I am so excited for the two of you!! I love you both!!