Cote ~ Lifestyle

Ohhhhh how I just couldn't wait for this day to come! I couldn't wait to meet Miss Harper Grace and Miss Ella Skye. I have known Danielle and Cote (Mike) forever and I was so honored when they let me do their Maternity session a little over a month ago. Now I am just smitten to be apart of this new journey that love and family is about to take them on!!

First off, how stunning is my girl Danielle? I mean she just had twins! What the heck?!!

Second off, how adorable are her and Cote with those precious babes?! They just look like naturals to me :) I can't get over how sweet Cote is with all his girls! He is one Father ya'll. :)

Those precious girls just love them some camera time!! They both won't have any problems being photogenic! They both already have Cote wrapped around their tiny fingers; he was promising them he would take them both shopping if they behaved during their photo sessh! A man after my own heart; sign me up!! hahaha

No but seriously, how adorable are these four?

I am so lucky to call them my friends and I can't wait to watch these sweeties grow right before my eyes; I will be their to capture it happen, every step of the way!