Sonntag Family

Let me just start off by saying this about this adorably, sweet family; THEY ARE AMAZING!! I knew I loved Laurel from the moment I met her in August of last year, but her whole family too? What a blessing they are!!

Laurel just so happens to be my little Tater Tot's nurse!! She is amazing! She has always greeted us with a smile from day one when we stepped into her office when Tatum was just 2 days old; and now she is almost a year!! I CAN'T! :(
Any way, Laurel is the absolute best. I have never truly met someone so sweet! She is someone who LOVES her job and LOVES to watch her patients grow. No matter how many "new mom" questions I had, or how long she let me sit in the room to nurse baby girl after her appointment; she is simply the best! Laurel and Tatum's Doctor; I am eternally grateful for them.

When she asked me at one of Tatum's appointments if I would do a family session for her, I just swooned over the idea!! I couldn't wait to meet her adorable family; I knew they were going to be just as sweet as her!!

Chase is her fantastic husband and her two little ones, Leighton and Jaxson are just to die for!! Take a look for yourself. :)

When she told me that her and Chase had not had pictures together since they were married, I immediately jumped to the idea of a 15 min spurt where pictures were just all about them. We got to talking and it turns out we both got married on the SAME DAY!! May 12th 2012 baby! Such a small world!! So needless to say this session was more than just a session to me! I love it when clients turn into friends. I can't wait for many more sessions with them!! Thank you again Laurel for all you do!!