Pagan Family

I love Jennie and Juan!! I had the pleasure of capturing their love right before little Myles made his debut in the world and they chose me to come back; only this time to capture her whole family!! I was so honored she asked!! Along for the ride were her sweet, adorable parents who have been married over 30 years, her sister, her daughter Gianna, their son Myles and the sweetest love of her life, Juan!! They kept me laughing the whole session. All while trying to throw one another in the water they managed to shape up for a few serious ones and they turned out adorable! I even got Jennie's fabulous parents to have a few portraits of themselves taken since it had been a while; let me just tell you, love has done nothing but got stronger them!! They are an amazing team! From two gorgeous daughters, to two fabulous grandchildren, their world is met!

With a love like theirs, Juan and Jennie know that they can have a love like that and that good things do last forever! My heart was melted when I can see first hand how Juan is with Myles and how much he loves being a Father and how he takes Gianna as his own and loves her unconditionally! Now the two of them can get reckless (Poor Jennie), you never know whether they are just buddies or if their is an actual father/daughter love there, but it's all there!! They know how and when to break up the two and boy oh boy do they love to goof off! Secretly I think it's a way to keep Juan young. haha, no but they are adorable!! This family is some kind of special! xoxo