Michelle & Jeremy ~ Maternity

To say I am ecstatic and overly happy for these two sweets right here, would be an understatement. Michelle and Jeremy have to be some of the sweetest people I have ever met!! I met Michelle for the very first time a few years back when I first started out with my photography career; I was second shooting and she was working the same wedding as a Wedding Coordinator/Planner! She no longer does, but is still in the wedding business, but now with her adorable Husband, Jeremy. They are the owners of Blue Steel Lighting Design, go check them out; they have so much to offer for any event! When I first saw her at the wedding we were both working, I said to myself "this is such a powerful woman!" This was a HUGE wedding y'all, I am talking like at least 400 people, and she could make them all hush for an important announcement without the mic! hahaha yes!! She not only took charge, but she was THAT PLANNER that would do a bridesmaids' duties; I am talking about holding dresses up while brides peed, kicking people out, turn a brides' worries to happiness within a blink of an eye all while wearing heels!! I am not even kidding!! From that moment on, I loved her; we clicked and stayed in touch!

Now I understand she and Jeremy can have any photographer they want to capture this special moment for them, so that's why when I say this is an honor, it truly is! They are such remarkable people and deserve so much in this life! After marriage over a decade they are now blessed with a beautiful baby boy on the way! Jeremy Travis Kilgore Jr.! And if he is anything like his Father, boy oh boy will Michelle have her hands full! I don't know who will be the kid, Daddy or Baby! haha I mean that with the most awesome meaning behind it! Jeremy is one of a kind; He had me laughing literally the whole session. I just kept looking at Michelle, like "how? How in the world do you live with this man?" I swear I grew a set of ab muscles from laughing so hard that hour! And let me just top it off by saying Jeremy can master a 'model pose' y'all so watch out for that guy! hehe.

No, but in all honestly Michelle is such a stunning mother-to-be and Jeremy is already ready for all the daddy duty coming his way, they are just so perfect and I couldn't be more happy for the two of them!! I was so honored they let me capture their sweet bump!! I can't wait to meet baby J and hope they let me capture many more priceless moments for them and the whole Kilgore family!! Congratulations Michelle and Jeremy!! xoxo

A very special thanks to Rebecca Wood with Faces by Rebecca Wood for the stunning make up you did on Michelle! Flawless work GF!