Duncan Family

Let me just start off by saying how sweet this family is!! I have done a family session for them before when it was just 3 of them and now they have added on another perfect little girl! I knew when I saw that Kinley was going to be a big sis, she was going to be the best one for little Miss Sydney Jo. And that she was; she kept her little sis occupied while Mommy and Daddy had a little time to relive that flame they have! Sara and Kyle just celebrated yet another amazing anniversary today and I felt they were long over due for some lovey dovey portraits, just the two of them!!

So it didn't start off all that smooth this night!! hahaha I don't know what it is with me and my family sessions lately and someone always locking their keys in the car!!! YES; their keys! Poor Sara and Kyle came all the way from Moyock to Back Bay and locked their damn keys in the car!! Gosh, I felt horrible; I felt like I was bad luck because I had to then tell them how this wasn't the first time this has happened on my watch! Whoops! haha Well lucky for them, they had a super sweet friend drive to them and bring a spare key and thank god they noticed it at the beginning of the session instead of at the end. That leads me to my next topic. Within this post you will see some little baby biscuits; my favorite!! Well since they were locked out their car with all of their belongings and everything else, little Miss Sydney thought it was a perfect time to blow a diaper out!! I just looked at Sara and we both threw our hands up!! What are you going to do other than laugh and hope you don't get peed on the rest of the session?!! Nothing!! We can't make this stuff up!!

But, needless to say it ended up all working out great and they got some awesome bonding time and great memories captured. This one is one for the books!! Check out my sweet adorable family!! Happy Anniversary Kyle and Sara!!