Karesa ~ Senior Portraits

Come tomorrow this beautiful lady is going to be starting her Senior year of High School (Hi, I am old) haha. She just radiates beauty; from the moment I saw her walking up to me for her session, I said to myself, "she is going to make mom job easy today." I mean just look at her!!!

Her Mom first contacted me at the beginning of the Summer wanting Senior pictures done for Karesa!! I then got in contact with her myself and she was telling me how she wanted an urban, graffiti feel and I then became so excited I did a bunch of research!! I knew there was Urban places in downtown Norfolk, but I just didn't know where!! With some help of a fellow photographer and a little bit of driving around, I found some spots!! Now I just had to hope that my senior was going to dress the part; and that she did!!

Karesa plays Soccer and wanted to incorporate that in some of her pictures, but didn't want them to be to posy posy! I was loving this girl already, she knew exactly what she wanted!! I hope we got that here for her on this day!

She is not only SO stylish, but has the sweetest of hearts!! She wants to go to GMU, which I think is amazing and she has some of the biggest supporters a girl could ask for! Two of them joined in on the fun of this night, Mom and Big Sis! They were rooting her on and telling her how gorgeous she was all while calling her a nickname I thought had the cutest meaning behind it; MOUSE! I finally asked. "what's the story behind MOUSE, I gotta know?" They all just laughed and told me long story short is, Karesa as a kid used to get up in the middle of the night and sneak downstairs to the refrigerator for a little midnight snack, and every time she did, she would always sneak cheese!! And that is how she got her nickname; it just stuck with her!! How freaking cute is that?!!!

So what's a girl with a cute nickname, a sweet heart and gorgeous smile give you?? Amazing pictures to boast about!!!!

Good luck on your Senior year MOUSE!!! :)