Stefanie & Cory ~ Engaged

I have soooooo much I could say about these two right here; I could go on for days!! For starters, Stefanie is my cousin; Isn't she stunning?!! I am so lucky to be apart of a family where I grew up really close with all my cousins and can honestly say I love them all!! Stefanie has a special place in my heart; our Dad's are Brothers and we were forever growing up together even though she hated it at times!! She knows me as the annoying cousin who would show up in her NKOTB night gown (I didn't even know who they were - hey I am younger) hahaha. Well anyway, she hated it!! She got so damn mad when she grew out of it and found out her Mom gave it to me to wear! That's how it worked in the Wilson family, hammy downs all the way down the line! Duh what other way is there to be?!! hahaha

When Stefanie met Cory I knew there was something about him!! He fit right into the family like he was already apart of it!! We all just loved him from the get go and he is so sweet to our Stef!

While I was taking these pictures and even more so now that I am going through them, I just tear up with happiness because I know My Aunt Debbie is shining down (Stefanie's Mom). When I heard Stefanie's laugh throughout their session I just said to myself, "yes, she is here"; she sounds just like her I swear it!!  A lot of the times it catches me off guard; I miss her so much!! But I know come June 18th of next year she will be there shining down again and spreading her rays of sunshine as she is suppose to! gahhhh tears be gone!!

I am so proud of the woman my cousin has become! The strength she portrays; I love how she keeps her Mother's spirit alive! Every holiday and gathering she is there with what was my Aunt's favorite dish to make!! It is truly bittersweet and I know when it is time for Stefanie & Cory to have a baby, she will share those traditions from here on out!

I can't begin to tell you all how excited I am for this wedding; it will be the very first wedding I have ever been in!! I am so damn excited to be a bridesmaid it's unreal!! Next June can't come soon enough!! I love you Stefanie and Cory with all my heart!! Thank you both for letting me capture these timeless memories for you both! xoxo