Amanda & Stephen ~ Engaged

Pause for the moment!!!! My freaking BEST FRIEND, MY GFBF IS ENGAGED!!! Gahhhh!!!! I still remember the day she called me and told me Stephen proposed to her; I remember jumping up and down screaming with her on the phone. Me celebrating here and her in Miami, we couldn't stop crying, cooing and screaming!! I just love them; and I know I say it time and time again, but hot damn my friends are hot!! 

I have known Amanda since Second grade. Always a bestie of mine and never ever has she let me down!! We had the best of sleepovers after nights of too many margaritas! We would wake up and my mom would have breakfast made! She was that friend that knew my whole college class schedule and called me on my walks to class to catch me up on the mischief the night before. We cried together, laughed together, but most importantly we always were together!! Inseparable!! 

When she re connected with Stephen after working together years before, we both knew he was the one for her!! Soooooo needless to say, a sista has been patiently waiting for him to seal the deal!! When they made the big move to Miami this past year, I remember being mad at first. Another man taking away another one of my best friends, I could't deal!! Then I softened up and I knew it was the right move, for the both of them!! They needed to start fresh and start a life of their own, and that's what they did!! I am so proud of the both of them and I can't wait to stand by their side on their wedding day next year as they say "I Do." Most importantly, I can't wait to see my best friend's dream become a reality and I can't wait to help make it one!!

Look at their happiness! Doesn't it just make you smile while scrolling through??! Well good because they were making me smile behind the lens the whole time!! Look at how beautiful Amanda is!! She is so gorgeous and always has been!! Stephen just lights up when he looks at her; you can tell he can't wait to make her his forever!! I love you two so much and I cannot wait for your big day!!