Rebecca & Matt ~ Maternity

I not only had the pleasure of working with Rebecca and her sweet family, but I work with this sweet lady as well!! She has the best Facebook posts and is always cracking me up; and when I do get to see her at work she continues to always have a smile on her face!!

When she contacted me about doing a maternity/family session, I was all in for it of course, but then when I found out after having 2 kids and having none of those pregnancies documented I really wanted to make this session special for her!! 

We started her precious family out at First Landing State Park. I wanted a place where Baron and Porter (the proud Big brother and Sis to be) could be in their own element where they could play and have some fun!! Big Brother Baron is so ready to be another big brother to his next sibling. Rebecca & Matt decided they would let this one be a surprise and Baron seems to think he is already having another little sister to protect; he keeps calling Mommy's tummy Sunny!! It is seriously the sweetest thing ever to see him talk to Sunny!! I vote girl too because of how protective he already is. Porter on the other hand, isn't too crazy about baby Sunny yet. She is unsure if she wants baby to come; bless her heart, she will be an amazing Big Sis though, she just doesn't know it yet!

After some family fun, I brought Rebecca and Matt back out because I wanted them to be able to have their love captured between the two of them and not for them to have to worry about where their babes have ran off too!! And I am so excited they let me! Look at how stunning she is, I mean come on!! Matt couldn't keep his eyes or hands off her! They not only have a romantic side, but they have a goofy side as well and it was so funny to watch her give him a hard time. Bless his heart, he has no idea if he is about to be out numbered with Baron or if they are going to rule the house. Either way, you can bet he is as excited as Rebecca is to welcome their precious third bundle and I can't wait to meet baby Sunny!!! Side Note: Rebecca said there is no way baby is going to be called Sunny, but I think Baron has other plans :) Nickname maybe??

I look forward to hopefully capturing so many memories for this sweet family!! Baby Sunny will be here before we know it!! :)